Package org.semanticdesktop.aperture.subcrawler

Interface Summary
SubCrawler A SubCrawler accesses an InputStream and produces a stream of other DataObjects representing the resources found "inside".
SubCrawlerFactory SubCrawlerFactories create SubCrawlers capable of crawling FileDataObjects of specific mime types.
SubCrawlerHandler SubCrawlerHandlers are notified by a SubCrawler about additions and modifications of resources in an InputStream.
SubCrawlerRegistry A SubCrawlerRegistry serves as a central registry for registering and obtaining SubCrawlerFactories.

Class Summary
SubCrawlerUtil A utility class containing some methods useful when working with subcrawlers and subcrawled resources.

Exception Summary
PathNotFoundException Thrown by SubCrawlers when the requested path did not point to an existing resource.
SubCrawlerException Thrown to indicate that an error occurred while extracting information from an InputStream by a SubCrawler.

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