Package org.semanticdesktop.aperture.subcrawler.base

Class Summary
AbstractArchiverSubCrawler A SubCrawler Implementation working with archive files, i.e. files containing a number of other files.
AbstractArchiverSubCrawler.ArchiveEntry Encapsulates an archive entry
AbstractArchiverSubCrawler.ArchiveInputStream An input stream encapsulating an archive stream with compressed data
AbstractCompressorSubCrawler A SubCrawler Implementation working with compressors.
AbstractSubCrawler A common superclass for all subcrawler implementations
ThreadedSubCrawlerWrapper A ThreadedSubcrawlerWrapper wraps a SubCrawler and executes it on a separate thread, bailing out if the wrapped SubCrawler appears to be hanging.

Exception Summary
ThreadedSubCrawlerWrapper.SubCrawlingAbortedException An exception that gets thrown if the underlying SubCrawler hangs.
ThreadedSubCrawlerWrapper.SubCrawlingInterruptedException An exception that gets thrown if the subcrawling is interrupted per user request i.e. when the ThreadedSubCrawlerWrapper.stop() method is called.

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