Package org.semanticdesktop.aperture.accessor

Interface Summary
AccessData An AccessData instance stores information about accessed resources such as last modification dates, locations, etc.
DataAccessor A DataAccessor provides access to physical resources by creating DataObjects representing the resource, based on a url and optionally previous acces data and other parameters.
DataAccessorFactory A DataAccessorFactory returns DataAccessors for a specific scheme.
DataAccessorRegistry A DataAccessorRegistry keeps track of the available DataAccessorFactories.
DataObject A general interface for information items obtained from accessing a DataSource.
FileDataObject A general interface for DataObjects that have File-like semantics.
FolderDataObject A FolderDataObject holds the metadata of a single folder.
RDFContainerFactory An RDFContainerFactory delivers a RDFContainer on-demand to a DataAccessor.

Exception Summary
UrlNotFoundException Thrown by DataAccessors when the requested url did not point to an existing resource.

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