Package org.semanticdesktop.aperture.accessor.base

Class Summary
AccessDataImpl Simple AccessData implementation that holds all information in main memory.
CountingInputStream A utility class that wraps an InputStream and counts the bytes read from the stream to provide the CountingInputStream.getCurrentByte() method.
DataObjectBase A trivial default implementation of DataObject.
FileAccessData FileAccessData extends AccessDataImpl with functionality for storing the access data to a file and initializing it with the contents of such a file.
FileDataObjectBase A trivial default implementation of FileDataObject.
FilterAccessData Abstract superclass for AccessData implementations that wrap other AccessData instances in order to filter certain information.
FolderDataObjectBase A trivial default implementation of FolderDataObject.
ModelAccessData ModelAccessData provides an AccessData implementation storing its information to and retrieving it from a Model.
RDFContainerFactoryImpl Converter to make rdf.RDFContainerFactoryImpl compatible with accessor.RDFContainerFactory
SynchronizedAccessData A synchronized wrapper around an AccessData implementation.

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