Package org.semanticdesktop.aperture.util

Interface Summary
SimpleSAXListener A listener for events reported by SimpleSAXParser.

Class Summary
ArrayMap A simple Map implementation, taking roughly the same strategy as ArrayList, resulting in a memory-efficient and (for small amounts of key-value pairs) fast implementation.
DateUtil Provides utility methods for handling dates.
FileUtil Utility methods for operations on Files.
HttpClientUtil Utility methods for clients dealing with HTTP communication.
IOUtil I/O utility methods for working with Readers, Writers, InputStreams, OutputStreams and URLs.
ListMap<K,V> A Map like structure where each key maps to a list of values.
RegistryReader Hack to read windows registry values via command line reg query util.
ResourceUtil ResourceUtil is a utility class for retrieving resources (images, property-files, etc) from the classpath.
SimpleSAXAdapter An implementation of SimpleSAXListener providing dummy implementations for all its methods.
SimpleSAXParser An XML parser that generates "simple" SAX-like events from a limited subset of XML documents.
StreamMonitor Monitors whether a thread that consumes an input stream works or has it stalled.
StringExtractor StringExtractor uses a set of heuristics to extract as much human-readable text as possible from a binary stream.
StringUtil Provides utility methods for String handling.
UriUtil Methods related to actions on URIs.
UrlUtil Offers utility methods related to URLs, network connections, etc.
UtfUtil Utility methods and classes for handling UTF (Unicode Transformation Format) streams.
XmlWriter A utility class offering convenience methods for writing XML.

Exception Summary
StreamMonitor.ProcessingAbortedException Thrown during processing when the StreamMonitor decides that the stream consumer has stalled, and has to be killed.
StreamMonitor.ProcessingInterruptedException Thrown during processing when StreamMonitor.StopRequestor.isStopRequested() returns true

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