Class TrustDeciderDialog

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public class TrustDeciderDialog
extends Object
implements TrustDecider

A TrustDeciderDialog implements a TrustDecider by presenting the supplied Certificate chain to the user and asking him whether and how it should be trusted.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Decision decide(X509Certificate[] chain, boolean rootCANotValid, boolean timeNotValid)
          Lets the TrustDecider decide on the specified Certificate chain.
 Component getParent()
 void setParent(Component parent)
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Constructor Detail


public TrustDeciderDialog()
Method Detail


public void setParent(Component parent)


public Component getParent()


public Decision decide(X509Certificate[] chain,
                       boolean rootCANotValid,
                       boolean timeNotValid)
Description copied from interface: TrustDecider
Lets the TrustDecider decide on the specified Certificate chain.

Specified by:
decide in interface TrustDecider
chain - The chain of X509Certificates to decide on.
rootCANotValid - Flag that indicates whether one of the root certificates could not be verified by one of the system certificates.
timeNotValid - Flag to indicate whether one of the root certificates is not valid yet or has expired.
A Decision instance indicating the decision made by this TrustDecider.

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