Class DefaultExtractorRegistry

  extended by org.semanticdesktop.aperture.extractor.impl.ExtractorRegistryImpl
      extended by org.semanticdesktop.aperture.extractor.impl.DefaultExtractorRegistry
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultExtractorRegistry
extends ExtractorRegistryImpl

DefaultExtractorRegistry provides the complete set of ExtractorFactories available in Aperture.

The main purpose of this class is to be able to conveniently access the set of ExtractorFactories in non-OSGi applications, which take care of this initialization in a different way. A single line of code gives you the entire set without requiring further setup.

The set of factory class names are loaded from an XML file which can optionally be specified to the constructor. This class requires all the listed classes to have a no-argument constructor.

Constructor Summary
DefaultExtractorRegistry(InputStream stream)
Method Summary
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add, add, get, getAll, getAllExtractorFactories, getAllFileExtractorFactories, getExtractorFactories, getFileExtractorFactories, remove, remove
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultExtractorRegistry()


public DefaultExtractorRegistry(InputStream stream)
                         throws IOException

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