Class ThunderbirdAddressbookDetector

  extended by org.semanticdesktop.aperture.addressbook.thunderbird.ThunderbirdAddressbookDetector
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ThunderbirdAddressbookDetector
extends Object
implements DataSourceDetector

Detects if you have Thunderbird installed and searches for the address book file.

grimnes, sauermann

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<DataSourceDescription> detect()
          Searches inside Returns the path to the users profile directory
 URI getSupportedType()
          Returns the URI of the supported DataSource type.
 String getURI()
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Constructor Detail


public ThunderbirdAddressbookDetector()
Method Detail


public String getURI()


public List<DataSourceDescription> detect()
                                   throws Exception
Searches inside Returns the path to the users profile directory

Specified by:
detect in interface DataSourceDetector
a list of detected datasources. May be empty, but never null
Exception - if there is a severe problem when detecting the datasource. The method will only throw an Exception, if it can usually detect a datasource, but is not able to detect it due to a faulty environment. For example, if the operating system is Apple, but the Address book was removed, or if Microsoft Outlook is detected, but in a version that is unknown. Error messages must be readable by the end-user and give hints how to add the datasource by hand or how to fix the problem.


public URI getSupportedType()
Description copied from interface: DataSourceDetector
Returns the URI of the supported DataSource type.

Specified by:
getSupportedType in interface DataSourceDetector
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